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Social trading at its best

Are you new to forex trading? Join our social traders network to trade like a pro! Our social trade platform allows forex investors to connect with other traders and find better opportunities. Featuring the latest forex news, information and insights, it’s a great learning platform for amateur traders. Easy to use, you can sign up to our social trading network for free.

Share and Exchange Real-Time Stream of Ideas and strategies with Forex Traders Worldwide.

Idea Streaming

You can choose which ideas to stream: for a particular symbol, ideas of a specific user, or the suggested ideas for all markets from all users


Idea User Profile
You can integrate user profiles with complete stats.

Share to Twitter, StockTwits and other social networks, right from our online media portal! You can also add a real-time StockTwits social stream to the side panel, it'll be relevant to the symbol currently on the chart. You can display trading ideas made by other users - right on the chart! Green dots mean bullish predictions, red ones are bearish. Ideas are specific for each symbol, and are displayed By clicking a dot you can see which ideas were successful and follow them.